'A New Dawn', Book 3 of 'The Triple Flame Trilogy', concludes

Ella's story. 'A New Dawn' captivates and surprises readers

with the unforgettable ending to this passionate but deadly

high stakes three part life changing adventure romance.

If you love suspense, high tension, tear jerkers and all conquering love that can’t be denied, One-Click A New Dawn now. It requires having read Book 1, Sicilian Sunset and Book 2, Nights At Sea.

Can yesterday’s darkness become a new dawn?

I’m on the run from the man I love. ‘Cause sometimes even epic love isn't enough. It’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life… however long that turns out to be.

My best option is to hide on a different continent and create a new life. That’s when I get thrown the biggest curveball yet. And just for a moment, a happily ever after seems in reach.

But Tiero vowed to find me. It’s surely only a matter of time. The showdown is inevitable. How can this possibly end well?